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Modern Steel Construction Highlights the Strengths and Efficiency of the Valmont Industries U-BEAM™

by Guy Nelson, SE, PE, product development engineer at Valmont | Jul 17, 2023

"Fast-Acting Tub Girders," is the title that Modern Steel Construction magazine uses to describe the Valmont U-BEAM in a July 2023 article. The Valmont Industries steel press-brake-formed tub girder, or U-BEAM, was the emergency solution for the Jones Cove Road bridge in Sevier County, Tenn., when a box bridge was washed out due to flooding. The bridge was replaced using five U18 U-BEAMs and the bridge was reopened in three months, a very short period of time for bridge replacement. The U-BEAM is a lightweight, cost-effective, and durable alternative to traditional concrete or steel bridge construction.

The article, published in Modern Steel Construction (July 2023) can be found here

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