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Valmont Industries, Inc. Announces Partnership With ClearWorld

by Author: Dan Witt | Mar 17, 2023

OMAHA, Neb.-- Valmont® Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), a global leader that provides vital infrastructure and advances agricultural productivity while driving innovation through technology, today announced a partnership with ClearWorld, an alternative energy systems provider. Valmont will offer ClearWorld solar solutions through the partnership.

“Our partnership with ClearWorld will allow us to better serve our customers while conserving resources and improving life,” Valmont VP of Technology Commercialization Dan Witt said. “Renewable energy solutions are continually a top priority for Valmont and our customers. We are proud to partner with the leaders in solar pole technology to deliver expert results.”

ClearWorld solar poles provide a sustainable, resilient and redundant power source for uninterrupted power supply to keep critical infrastructure and networks live through power outages and natural disasters. The solar wrapped poles further reduce utility operating and maintenance costs and boast built-in IoT capabilities. The poles can be installed in various locations such as parks, parking lots and roadways, supporting diverse applications and analytics.

“I’m excited about the tremendous value that we will be able to deliver through our partnership with Valmont,” Larry Tittle, Founder/CEO of ClearWorld said. “This collaboration will enable us to provide reliable, sustainable lighting and deliver meaningful benefits while reducing cost and grid dependence.”

The partnership with ClearWorld aligns with the strategic effort of Valmont to build a comprehensive portfolio of smart solution products that are inclusive, connected, equitable, resilient and secure. As the global leader in core physical infrastructure, Valmont looks forward to enabling smart infrastructure development worldwide.

About ClearWorld

ClearWorld’s patented Solar RetroFlex LED Lighting and smart pole solution provides a customizable, sustainable, resilient and redundant power source, keeping infrastructure live through power outages and natural disasters – while reducing or eliminating grid dependence.

The RetroFlex can retrofit around new and existing infrastructure featuring a full suite integrated IoT capabilities for a clean, aesthetic look that fits with the city’s design. 5G/4G radios and G-PON can also be deployed on the poles to provide highspeed citywide connectivity options and power innovative IoT-based city services using IoT device management and analytics solutions. From a light in the beginning, to much more today, ClearWorld brings a sustainable solution to your city’s edge infrastructure.

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