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Valmont Announces Pre-commercial Version of Smart Pole

by Author: Justine Grimm, Senior Marketing Manager & Marketing Business Partner – Global Lighting & Traffic | Jun 22, 2021

The LuxTurrim5G project has reached an important milestone: the key element of the ecosystem’s digital backbone – the 5G smart pole – has progressed from the development stage into pre-commercial product (a product that is finished but not yet available for wide sale). A unique smart city pilot environment built on the Nokia campus in Espoo, Finland, this project has played a key role not only in the development of the smart poles but in laying the foundation for smart, sustainable cities around the world. As a partner in the project, Valmont is helping to lead this charge in developing smart solutions-based infrastructure through innovative technologies that not only conserve resources, but improve life.

The Luxturrim 5G pilot includes 19 smart poles, two smart and safe bus stops, and more than 250 interconnected IoT devices. The smart poles provide not only super-fast, low-latency 5G connections, but also an extensive network of sensors for users, which enables gathering and utilization of diverse data to develop new services to meet the needs of the city’s citizens and businesses.

The Valmont Structures smart pole is part of an entire product family of smart poles, designed to meet the various needs of cities, educational facilities, public spaces and infrastructure. The modular structure allows for poles in different sizes, integration of various devices, and implementation of required digital services based on usage and surrounding area.

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