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Valmont Structures Canada Microflect Self-Supporting Towers

Microflect Self-Supporting Wireless Communication Towers

The optimal choice for supporting microwave dishes and other heavy-duty wireless communication loads, Microflect™ self supporting towers feature a robust construction, which meet or exceed the latest ANSI/TIA standards.

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Featuring X-braced structural design and strong pipe legs, Microflect towers are also ideal for sites which support essential services and emergency communications gear.

  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications, loads and environments.
  • Light to heavy duty microwave applications.
  • Radar and other custom structures.
  • Customer types include public agencies, utilities, FAA and others.
  • Pipe diagonals bracing to accommodate heavy antenna loading.
  • Three or four leg designs.
  • Platforms and catwalks available for almost any elevation.
  • Step bolts, climbing ladder or internal/external stairways for climbing.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM 123 specifications after fabrication.
  • Welded by AWS D1-1 certified welders in an AISC certified plant.
  • Offered in heights up to 500 feet
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