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Valmont Structures Canada Monopole Towers for Wireless Communications

Monopoles for Canadian Telecom Projects

Combining engineering expertise, high-quality manufacturing practices and an economical slip-joint design, Valmont’s 18-sided monopole towers are available in heights up to 250 feet.

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Valmont monopoles can be custom-designed for a variety of single or multi-user configurations and in a wide variety of finishes to meet local aesthetic and zoning requirements.

  • Each shaft section is a constant-tapered hollow steel section up to 53 feet in length.

  • Slip joints are designed with a minimum of 1-1/2 times the pole diameter at the splice.

  • Pole shafts are fabricated from low-alloy, high-strength steel.

  • All poles are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication per
    ASTM A-123.

  • Foundation designs are included per customer-furnished soils report.

  • A formal stress analysis and drawing package is provided for building permit submissions.