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Valmont Structures Canada Decorative Wood Poles

Decorative Wood Light Poles from Tehomet, a Valmont Company

Valmont  Structures Canada customers seeking to integrate decorative lighting into natural environmental settings are increasingly interested in the European-designed wood poles offered by Tehomet, a Valmont company.

Landscape architects are able to achieve naturally inspired designs from this PEFC-certified wood, which is sustainably harvested from the rich, fertile forests of Finland.

See video on these finely crafted, durable, decorative wood light poles. 

Combining modern aesthetics with natural elements, the environmentally-friendly decorative wood pole brings a familiar material to streets and parks and a myriad of shapes and possibilities to lighting poles.

The visible grain, surface texture and finishing options of wood result in countless product variations.

To learn more about decorative wood light poles, contact your Valmont Structures Canada representative today.

Tehomet decorative wood light poles complement the
natural environment at the entrance of the St. Louis Zoo.