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Valmont Structures Canada Products for Sports Applications

Light Poles for Canadian Sports, Parks and Recreation Facilities

Sports and outdoor recreation are a vital part of modern life. Possessing global resources and local expertise, Valmont Structures Canada is well equipped to provide a broad range of products to facilitate the proper illumination of these essential outdoor venues.

To learn more about Valmont sports lighting products and related light poles and structures found at or adjacent to stadiums, ball parks, tennis courts and other park and recreation facilities, see the links below.

In addition, MATCO Services, a Valmont company, provides sports lighting safety inspections which enable property owners to gain meaningful insights regarding the structural integrity of aging infrastructure.

Upon request, Matco inspectors certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), can provide recommendations regarding repairs, reinforcements or replacement of lighting structures as appropriate. With these technical insights, informed decisions can be made regarding future expenditures to address aging infrastructure.

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