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Valmont Structures Canada

With an uncommon combination of global resources and local expertise, Valmont Structures is a recognized leader in designing and producing engineered infrastructure for the lighting, transportation and wireless communications industries worldwide.

The brands and products Valmont Structures Canada offers are often custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of an individual customer or installation site. As such, Valmont employees and representatives value every customer engagement and are adept at delivering customized solutions to tough technical challenges.

In Canada, Valmont West Coast Engineering (VWCE), founded in 1977, is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of steel poles. Since its acquisition in 2008 by Valmont Industries, VWCE has leveraged Valmont's global manufacturing capabilities and has applied its engineering expertise and local market knowledge to provide our customers with outstanding products and services.

Canadian manufacturing capabilities include a complete line of steel poles for decorative streetlights, area and sports lighting, high mast lighting, monopole cell towers as well as transmission and distribution poles. We also provide our customers with aluminum and composite poles manufactured at other Valmont facilities. 

VWCE's experienced engineering team provides innovative solutions to a wide variety of customer requests. Our engineers are registered to practice in nearly all Canadian provinces. VWCE factories are located in Vancouver, BC, Barrie ON, and Ferndale, WA.

Working together as a team, the inherent structural integrity of our products is reflected in the personal integrity of our people who each day strive to deliver remarkable service to every customer. This interwoven culture of integrity is one reason a growing number of customers are choosing Valmont Structures Canada.

To learn more about the products and services available, contact your local Valmont Structures Canada representative.